Re: Intentional Communities book
From: Mmariner (
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 95 02:36 CST
Rebecca asked:

I heard that a revised version of the Intentional Communities Book would be
coming out around now. Does anyone know if it is available yet, and where to
order one? 

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According to Michael Elph Morgan's post, looks like the end of March it will
be out.  

For about $20.00 you can purchase the Directory from  

Fellowship of Intentional Communities
Rout 4, Box 169-M
Louisa, VA23093

I would send a letter asking them to send you a notice when it's available
and exactly how much with shipping and handling.

>From the same source, for $18 per year (individual) you can subscribe to
Communities Magazine, a quarterly publication that forum for the wisdom and
experiences from folks who have been living cooperatively in diverse ways for
many years, as well as cohousing and other kinds of communities that are
forming.  The Magazine usually contains listings of communities that have
been listed since the last directory.

=Mike M=

subscribe to 

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