A Brief Introduction
From: Bob's Cohousing Mailbox (cohowings.network.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 13:33 CST
Greetings!  I'm Bob Alberti, co-author of the Internet Gopher protocol (RFC 
1436) and Webmaster at Network Systems Corporation, Brooklyn Park, 

My partner Theresa and I are interested in cohousing as a supportive 
environment in which to raise our three children, Genevieve and Leo, 3 1/2 
year old twins, and Dante, our 3 month old.  We learned about the Monterey 
Co-housing Community (Mococo) through two of its members at First 
Universalist Church, and learned of this mailing list during our visit to 
Mococo on Friday.  We look forward to participating in this discussion of 
what we feel is a vital element in the process of changing our society for 
the better.

Please feel free to write to me at this address, and to poke around my 
homepage at http://wings.network.com/  Meanwhile, if there are 
representatives of some of the other Twin Cities based cohousing groups on 
the list, I would particularly enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks for your time.

| Bob Alberti              | I checked two dictionaries, and they both |
| Network Systems, Inc.    | devote more space to defining "Community  |
| coho [at] wings.network.com   | Antenna Television" than they do to the   |
| (612) 424-1771           | word "Community" itself...                |

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