Re: Coho & Makin' Dough --> Sustainability?
From: Dan Everett (
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 95 08:35 CST
Hi all,

On Thu, 2 Mar 1995 Mmariner [at] wrote:

> Assumption:  Most folks interested in cohousing care about the environment
> and want their lifestyle to be as sustainable as possible.  Yet many coho
> sites are out in the suburbs where at least some of the residents have to
> commute.  Bad, bad -- not very sustainable, right?  I mean if you're burning
> up a few swimming pools full of gasoline every year just to get to/from work,
> isn't that more than a little grotesque? <said with a *grin*, not a
> holier-than-thou look!>

This is a real concern to many of us at Kinney Ridge. It seems that car-pooling
would help a lot; beyond that we'd like to explore some kind of communally
owned electric vehicle (or super-efficient vehicle(s) ).

Does anyone out there have any experience with community strategies for 
reducing transportation fuel consumption?



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