Re: Coho & Makin' Dough --> Sustainability?
From: David Hungerford (
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 95 14:01 CST
On Thu, 2 Mar 1995 Mmariner [at] wrote:

> Assumption:  Most folks interested in cohousing care about the environment
> and want their lifestyle to be as sustainable as possible.  Yet many coho
> sites are out in the suburbs where at least some of the residents have to
> commute.  Bad, bad -- not very sustainable, right? 
Muir Commons is in the burbs, I suppose, but many residents commute by 
bike and a large proportion of those wkng in Sacramento (15 miles) do so 
by bus--we do what we can with the resources at our disposal and I would 
venture that people in most suburban coho groups try to do so as well.  
The problem has to do with the spatial org. of our cities, and while coho 
may be one of the pioneer land use forms that re-colonize the urban 
areas, we all still have to live our lives within the constraints of 
whats available now, including good schools, safe neighborhoods etc.  If 
coho works, and people become aware that it works, in the burbs, then it will 
be more "normal" and more "legitimate" and more widely known and more 
likely to be part of the reurbanization that *I hope* will happen (unless 
the current congress finds a way of just jailing those good-for-nothing 
poor people and giving the land to their buddies---just kidding, that 
could never happen, right?!)

David Hungerford
Muir Commons

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