From: ShamanMike (
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 95 18:22 CST
I am a member of a cohousing group in Ellensburg, WA.  We have been meeting
for about four months.  Ther are four households totally committed to
developing a cohousing community, a couple more very interested, and a few
who are just on the periphery.

The problem is, we have found an ideal location - 7 acres within the city
limits (which means sewer, water, and no zoning problems).  We need some
concrete info on financing.  The four of us are homeowners with equity, but
the land costs $220,000.  We need to purchase the land and buy our housing

Anyone know any understanding bankers in the Seattle area?  We can probably
afford it, but we need someone who understands cohousing and can work the
financing out for us


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