Re: Stewing...
From: SmallCo (
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 95 20:14 CST
Russ, I'm with you in many respects regarding the seemingly herculean task of
"creating community" out of thin air, which is what much of cohousing seems
like to me (as an outsider).

Some folks, such as N Street and the just starting group in SF, are going
about things more gradually, and that seems more realistic to me, as well as
more sustainable in the long run.

Conspicuously absent for the six months I've been subscribed to this list is
any mention of extended families as a starting point for a new community.
Cohousing seems to be reviving many of the shared responsibilities that my
family practiced a generation or two ago: shared meals, help with children,
building together, etc.

The neighborhood my family imagines building will include parents, in-laws &
cousins, and that'll give us a running start!

I imagine many readers responding that they don't get along with their
family, and that cohousing allows them to "choose" new relations. I wish them
well, but can't help wondering where this kind of choosing will lead. 

Any thoughts?

Albert at SmallCo

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