Re: Re: Eno Commons, Durham, N.C.
From: ALBERT HARDY 286-6331 (
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 13:49 CDT
I doubt that there will be any rental space initially in Eno-Commons,
though I cannot speak officially (just an interested party).
Lots have not been sold, but will probably be sold primarily to folks
who wish to build units for their own residences.
Your best bet would be to find a cohousing development in which someone
has decided to build a duplex, live in one side and rent the other.  I
know of four co-housing developments in the Durham-Chapel Hill area.
Eno Commons and SolTerra have not begun selling lots yet.  Arcadia is
sold out and has begun construction, but there may be some duplexes in
the situation I described.  Blue Heron Farms is out of town in rural
Chatham County and is renovating some donated old houses, so it may have
living space within the year.
I can put you in touch with any of these four developments.
Does anyone else have other information about cohousing developments
underway in the Research Triangle Area of NC?  I see a need for an
umbrella organization or clearing house and am planning to help start
one for folks looking for cohousing in the area who haven't identified
a particular place, yet.
Albert Hardy
> I am interested in finding out if you will be renting any of the units in
> this cohousing development? We are in a unique position in that my husband
> will be unable to join me in moving to NC because of work obligations. He
> will hopefully be able to come with the children and I in approximately two
> years. Until we sell this house, we are unable to purchase a new home
> (cohousing unit).
> I feel that a cohousing community would be a safe and nuturing place for my
> children, and would ease the isolation for me relocating to a new state. I
> will be finishing an undergraduate degree and applying to a Phd program.
> Any information you can give me would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Rita Odenheimer

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