RE: What Creates Community
From: Bruce Koller (
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 22:32 CDT
O.K.  I've got to get my 2 mils worth in here too.  One of the folks who 
came and went during the past few years of my coho journey said her goal 
was to live in a "cool neighborhood."  She admitted that after a year or 
so in the suburbs, her definition 
of a cool neighborhood had been reduced to one where people were willing 
to walk their dogs without a leash.

I have been incredibly inspired by the book Cohousing and have been 
working for three years to make it a reality for me but I'm not attracted at 
all by intense, 
intentional community.  I love the practical aspects and the way 
cohousing allows community to grow slowly and organically by making it 
easy for folks to share everyday things (meals, tools, laundry, public 
and semipublic space).

I'm not putting down those who long for more intense community.  I just 
want others on this list to know that there are some of us out here who 
prefer thing a little more low-key.

Bruce Koller
Pleasant Hill (where else?), CA
bkoller [at]

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