Conflict resolution policies
From: Cohomag (
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 22:48 CDT
>I would like to gather some info on other groups' procedures.  Our committee
>has two main questions:
>  1-What processes or policies does your community have in place for
>resolving conflict?
>  2-If anyone has experienced or observed the implementation of their
>community's conflict resolution process, could you describe how it
>worked and what the outcome was?

The Fall 94 issue of the CoHousing Journal had a two page article about 
conflict resolution by Laura Russell of Southside Park in Sacramento.
She described several issues that generated conflict, including one incident
that "deterioriated into a shouting match", and what the community did about
The community has a conflict resolution committee that is becoming more 
pro-active according to Laura.
Don Lindemann
cohomag [at]

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