Re: What Creates diverse Community
From: Mmariner (
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 01:07 CDT
Bruce Koller said:

>I have been incredibly inspired by the book Cohousing and have been 
>working for three years to make it a reality for me but I'm not attracted at

>all by intense, intentional community.  I love the practical aspects and the
>cohousing allows community to grow slowly and organically by making it 
>easy for folks to share everyday things (meals, tools, laundry, public 
>and semipublic space).

Bruce, it's great you know that you want to move into community slowly and
are proceeding to create exactly what you want - coho by the book.  Buzz and
I and some of the other writers from different backgrounds are mostly trying
to stimulate a feeling for doing community with as much diversity as there
are people doing it.

Many communities will start cautiously sharing meals, but then things will
happen, people will see other possibilities and organically (as you said) do
them as they become compelling.

My novel-in-progress of the future posits that by 2090 (or so) almost
everybody on the planet belongs to some kind of cooperative, collaborative
community and that there is an amazing diversity.  

In real life, 1990's timeframe, I'm drawn to the more intense kind of
community where we will create our own culture.  But, I may well find after
trying intense closeness, that I want to back off and be more coho, maybe
even reclusive.

Mike M
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