Please come live here - Winslow Cohousing
From: areinert (
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 01:19 CDT

I'm a little hazy as to the propriety of this, but I want to find someone 
to join us at Winslow Cohousing on glorious Bainbridge Island, 
Washington, a short ferry ride from Seattle.  You all probably know all this 
stuff about cohousing,  but this is the blurb I wrote to advertise it.  
We used to drive our kids to their friends and worry each time they 
walked out of the house.  The only adults I saw were the people at work 
or my husband.  I didn't see a bird or walk in the woods for weeks at at 
time.  Cohousing changed all that.  My children have many friends, as 
close as the front door.  There's always someone to chat with, or to lend 
a helping hand, or just be around.  I walk in the woods on the way to the 
ferry for my commute to work.  Five nights a week, we can dine with our 
neighbors and only have to cook or clean once a week.  Cohousing is a 
wonderful experience.
We don't want to move away; we want a slightly larger house just down the 
walk.  That means that we need to find someone to buy our current house 
who will enjoy our community as much as we do, because we will see each 
other all the time. 
Our house faces east, with a lot of southern exposure.  The kitchen has a 
cathedral ceiling with a skylight, and there is a patio door out to the 
back.  There is a small office/bedroom and a 3/4 bath on the first 
floor.  Upstairs, there are two bedrooms (with BIG closets), as well as a 
full bath, a linen closet, and a closet that can be used for a 
washer/dryer.  A desk area on the second floor looks out through the 
skylight (watch the geese fly by!), and the attic has lots of storage.  
Heat is under the floor downstairs (great in the winter -- no cold 
feet!), and hot water baseboards upstairs, although we didn't need the 
upstairs heat all winter.  Custom touches like pottery basins in the 
bathrooms, built-in shelves, a slate-floored porch make this home unique.
Each house has a private space as well as access to an acre garden, the 
woods, and really wonderful people! 
Our home is priced at $172,000.  Please reply to this address or call 
Debora Reinert at (206) 842-1792 or (206) 233-4525. 

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