Information, Please: Cohousing in (1) Montreal or (2) Toronto
From: John Gear (
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 21:27 CDT
I am posting a request for a friend who is a dual US/Canadian city who is
preparing to return to the land of his roots up North.  He is a highly
skilled software developer with a background in mathematics and the Peace Corps.

He wants to move to Quebec City but thinks that, having grown up in the US,
he should first move to Montreal and get acclimated to being a Canadian
again (a status he had for only a few months).  As a second choice he would
probably go to Toronto which has advantages for him as well (closer to
family in the States).

He is studying French diligently and getting ready to make this big life
change.  He really wants to get over the language barrier and is listening
to short wave to help that as well.
I mentioned this list and he was excited about the possibility of being able
to contact someone in or interested in cohousing in either of his main

I think he would be an outstanding addition to any group; gentle,
superintelligent, curious, open-minded, and well-mannered.  He is fairly
introverted but not in a withdrawn way.

His name is Jeff Nye and you can reach him at jpnye [at]

I hope that some of you in those areas will contact him.  

Thanks very much.

John Gear (catalyst [at]

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