childcare in cohousing
From: Eikeer (
Date: Tue, 2 May 95 22:38 CDT
If your community provides child care for the kids, I'm interested in the
thought processes that your community went through in making the decision to
provide child care.  Some questions that we have are: 1) Is it beneficial to
design the child care room in the common house so that it will meet licensing
requirements even if there are initially not enough children  to require
licensing?  2) What is the size of the child care room?  3) Is the child care
provider someone within the community? 4)Does the child care pay for itself
or is it subsidized? 5) What options have you considered when there are not
enough children in the community to make it (economically) feasible? Will the
room then be dedicated to another use? 6) Does anyone provide before/after
school child care in the common house?  Maybe a lot of this can be more
informal than I am imagining.   We are in the planning stages and are
considering space needs for the common house and budget needs. Thanks for
your ideas!!

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