Re: Conflict Resolution
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Wed, 3 May 95 13:23 CDT
Heather Sullivan-Catlin recently wrote:

> I would like to gather some info on other groups' conflict resolution
> procedures.  Our committee has two main questions:
>   1-What processes or policies does your community have in place for
> resolving conflict?
>   2-If anyone has experienced or observed the implementation of their
> community's conflict resolution process, could you describe how it
> worked and what the outcome was?

I very recently was working on conflict resolution procedures for our group
and found 2 resources to be particularly useful:

"Creating Community Anywhere" Chapter 16
by Shaffer and Anundsen

"Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities" pages 163 - 166
available from Context Institute, (206)-842-0216

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we haven't yet had an opportunity to employ
our new procedures so I can't tell you how hey work.

I hope this is helpful.

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* "Just because community is a safe place does not mean community is a
**place without conflict.  It is, however, a place where conflict can be
* resolved without physical or emotional bloodshed and with wisdom as
* well as grace."     - Scott Peck

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