Evaluating Cohousing Projects
From: Harry Pasternak (Harry_Pasternaktvo.org)
Date: Thu, 4 May 95 10:53 CDT
Here is more detail on the opportunity for architects to have their cohousing
project evaluated from a "users" point of view (see Re: Frank Lloyd Wright
WAS an Architect, for background).

* One or more architect designed cohousing projects chosen.

* Each of the 15-20 evaluators, spends 120 hours, over 2 weeks collecting
data using  "non-obtrusive social research" methods.

* The 15-20 evaluators analyze the data and prepare report (another 1 or 2

Harry Pasternak
Thousand Islands Institute
The Independent Centre For Housing Research & Education
(Harry_Pasternak [at] tvo.org)

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