Reality Check: Env'tal Aspects of Site Layout/Planning
From: Jeffrey O. Hobson (
Date: Mon, 8 May 95 14:08 CDT
Hi folks:

I'm writing an article about the environmental aspects of site layout and
planning for the upcoming issue of the cohousing journal.  Seeing as
cohousing prides itself on being resident-designed, I figure its journal
ought to reflect those qualities as well.  So, I'm looking for a reality
check on what cohousers (at least, those on the list) are interested in.

I was planning on addressing environmental results of two main decisions a
community makes:

- WHERE TO LOOK FOR A SITE - infill and new land developments

- HOW TO LAY OUT THE SITE ONCE YOU'VE GOT IT - clustering and its effects on
resource use and transportation, grading, building placement

I'm not trying to talk about specific technologies or particularly
climate-variable issues.

So, within those general categories, 

What topics would you like to see covered, and 
What specific questions would you like answered, or do you think would be
helpful to a group going through site-finding and design process?

I of course can't guarantee I'll answer all (or even any) of these
questions, but I'll try to fit them in.  If I get a lot of response to this
posting, I might compile Q's & A's and post them back to this list.  

As usual with this sort of request, probably direct responses to me are
preferable to responses to the list.  Use the address in my signature below.

Thanks for your responses,
Jeff Hobson

johobson [at]

N Street Cohousing - that organic retrofit place
Davis Energy Group - Energy Analysis, Mechanical Design, Product Development
Davis Community Meals Cold Weather Shelter - community in flux
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