RE: Poison Ivy - Summary
From: Sally S. Leach (
Date: Tue, 9 May 95 09:41 CDT
In message Tue, 9 May 95 08:46 CDT,
  phalpern [at] (Pablo Halpern)  writes:

> I received only about half a dozen responses to my question regarding
> people's experience in reducing or eradicating poison ivy.
>Pablo, after hand removing PI suggest you find info on application of 5%
ammonia solution to exposed areas;  I read about this solution to the
problem years ago, from an geologist who led classes on sites with large and
potent amounts of PI.  Those who did the ammonia didnt do PI; one girl who
didnt do the ammonia went to the student health center.  I wish I could
remember where I read this.  I have never tried it personally and would
recommend contact w/dermatologist before trying.  Good Luck,  Tom Leach

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