Re: SCott Peck Model
From: ALBERT HARDY 286-6331 (
Date: Tue, 9 May 95 09:53 CDT
I've talked with you via E-mail before.  I am planning to present
a seminar through Duke's Continuing Education in the fall about
Cohousing and Sustainable Development.  I was hoping you'd be interested
in participating and spending perhaps 30-60 minutes talking about
rurul cohousing, organic farming and other rural enterprises.  You
could also show some slides if you'd like.  Please let me know if this
is something you'd be interested in participating in.
Albert Hardy
P.S.  What is the Scott Peck model?
> Blue Heron Farm is the North Carolina Cohousing community which has been
> using the Scott Peck model.  I would be glad to talk about our experience
> with anyone interested.
> Stephen Hawthorne
  • SCott Peck Model Stephen Hawthorne, April 25 1995
    • Re: SCott Peck Model ALBERT HARDY 286-6331, May 9 1995

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