Re: low/mixed income cohousing
From: Joaniblank (
Date: Tue, 9 May 95 23:58 CDT
Once before I posted a somewhat pessimistic message here about the
workability of cohousing for many (certainly not all) low-income households.
I spoke of significant cultural barriers that I believe some low-income famili
es would have to overcome to even be interested in the concept, because I
would have appreciated some discussion about it. The one person who did
respond did so directly, because he feared that posting his comments and mine
would be taken as being elitist. 

I have just been struck by the assumption that all we more well off folks
have to do is make  a number of the units in our communities affordable (or
even very affordable) and then low income folks will be eager to join us. I
don't have my mind made up on this, but I am convinced that looking at this
as purely a financial or cost "problem" is overly simplistic.

Joani Blank

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