Re: Making the big decision.... later?
From: Mmariner (
Date: Sat, 13 May 95 01:36 CDT
David G. Adams said:

The group's process seems to be breaking down, with lots of private 
conversations, ad hoc committees forming and dissolving, people advocating 
more than listening (I will admit to being one such person), moving ahead on 
an offer without being anywhere near certain we want it, etc. 

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Seems like rallying a group around the intention to buy a place to live
without first knowing that you want to share our lives with them is bit out
of sequence?

Maybe you should build community amongst yourselves first -- become an
empathetic group that has enough mutual respect and downright human caring
that the group doesn't get fragmented over property negotiations or differing
worldviews.  Perhaps folks should play together or do altruistic things
together, home-school their kids together, then talk about living together.

What am I doin'?  I have lots of friends interested in living in community,
but they seem to be headed in different directions.  Maybe after I finish my
novel about this fantasy community in the year 2050 I'll actually join/create
one in the 1990's.

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