Re: Cornerstone's problems
From: Joaniblank (
Date: Sat, 13 May 95 03:07 CDT
Sorry to hear that Cornerstone group is in such distress. I was so impressed
with your group when I visited in January. The fact that you have 17 full
member households (a huge core group for a project the size you were planning
to build), and you have had a lot of cohesiveness up until now suggests to me
that you should what you can to preserve the group for now. I was going to
suggest that you go for the new site, because living in cohousing is so
wonderful that where you are quickly becomes a lot less important than who
you are and that you are living together. Then I realized how little space
you actually have. As you know, we are 12 units on .3 acre. And that is very
dense, but less dense than you'd be at 40 units. I think the main problem of
more dense cohousing is not that it is more urban (which it invariably is),
but that not all units open on the ground level. This may seem like a minor
problem to those of you who don't live in cohousing yet, but as one who does
live in a dense urban community, I feel it does detract from our sense of
togetherness--especially those of us who live upstairs.


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