This week's Newsweek
From: Martin Tracy (
Date: Mon, 15 May 95 12:52 CDT
This week's Newsweek's cover story is <Bye-Bye, Suburban Dream>.  The articles 
included are quite interesting from a cohousing point of view.  (Cohousing is 
mentioned).  From the article "15 Ways to Fix The Suburbs" ...

1. Give up big lawns.
2. Bring back the corner store.
3. Make the streets skinny.
4. Drop the cul-de-sac.  (!???!)
5. Draw boundaries.
6. Hide the garage.
7. Mix housing types.
8. Plant trees curbside.
9. Put new life into old malls.
10. Plan for mass transit.
11. Link work to home.
12. Make a town center.
13. Shrink parking lots.
14. Turn down the lights.
15. Think green.

The emphasis is on traffic control and urban density, not on community, 
there is some overlap.  One of the things that most impressed me on my last 
to Sharingwood is how dark it is at night.  No glaring streetlights!  It's hard 
to understand how this induces a feeling of "community" to me, but it does!
Martin Tracy, Los Angeles
mtracy [at]

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