Making the big decision/Cornerstone
Date: Mon, 15 May 95 16:43 CDT
on FRi, 12 May 1995 
(David G Adams) wrote from Cornerstone:

-Our consultants / architects believe we need to put about 40 units on the 
-site in order to make it meet the group's pricing requirements.  This would 
-make us the densest group in the country, I believe [double meaning 
-intended], with approximately .01 acre / person.  

        Sounds like a very large group to me - I'd be cautious about the numbers
more than the density, IF people want to/are willing to live that close.  The
density wouldn't bother me, but then I grew up in apartment houses.

-We have made an offer on this site and should hear from the owner any day 
-now.  We rushed through a consensus call at the end of a meeting that was 
-1/2 hour already past the scheduled end, which allowed our new Development 
-Mgmt committee to prepare and submit the offer.  The only other "vote" on 
-the site had 5 households excited about the site, 8 with reservations, 8 
-with serious reservations, and 1 full member holding a red card [ I wasn't 
-there; I think it was more of a "stand aside" than a "block consensus".  The 
--2 full member households there, including mine, would have added "serious 
-reservations" votes.]

        I agree with whoever wrote, end of a meeting is a very bad time for 
such a
crucial decision.  You need to know how much strong support there is to go
forward, and ends of meetings, people are fried.

-Some people  want to move on this site just to make sure the group doesn't fade
-away  never deciding on a site.  Others think we are dooming ourselves to burn
-out  if we move now.  Is Neil Young right?  We've got some people 
-suburb-oriented, some more urban focused.  The new site's prices are  projected
-to be comparable to the old site overall, but the low end prices  are
-significantly higher (2 BR for $155K, for example) and some people would  have
-to drop out for economic reasons.  BTW, these prices are comparable to  the
-local luxury condo apartment buildings.

        I also worry about burnout. Can't tell how much support you really have.
You will need people willing to give up some of their dreams in order tomake it
work - that's  true in most cases, I think, but definitely in what you

-The group will lose somewhere between 2 and 10 of the 
--17 full members if we go ahead.  If we don't go ahead (or the owner accepts 
-a different offer; developers may be bidding on the site) we have no idea 
-what we'll do next, and the group may or may not cut its losses and say 
        I'd say the 1st sentence here is critical.  And give time for 
Let us know how it comes out.

Judy Baxter, Monterey Cohousing Community, (MoCoCo)
Twin Cities Area, Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota
e-mail: baxter [at]

Getting close to final prices and construction loan - and feeling like
developers!  Scared!

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