Re: loud snoring from adjoining units
From: Bob Morrison (
Date: Mon, 15 May 95 16:46 CDT
On Sat, 13 May 1995 09:09:18 -0400 (EDT), Beth HOLLAND_ [at] wrote:

>Subject: Close neighbors-snoring

>I live in a condo building with upstairs neighbors with TERRIBLE snoring

  I am planning to reply to this off-line, but I have some brief comments for
the list.
  I think this subject is within the scope of Cohousing-L, for these reasons:

1. Many cohousers are, or will be, living in as close proximity to each other
as condo residents do. One of the design issues we need to think about is
soundproofing between units that adjoin each other or are one over the other.
And loud snoring is one reason to have soundproofing.

2. Some cohousers are, or will be, doing house-sharing. In this case, snoring
is one of the issues that people need to work. The sound insulation between
bedrooms in the same unit is usually less than between adjoining units.

3. One of the reasons for doing cohousing is to make it easier for people to
work out issues like this. In a standard condo, resolving a dispute like this
can involve up to five people: the person raising the issue, his unit owner,
the residents who are the subject of the complaint, that unit's owner, and
the management company and/or trustees. A very cumbersome arrangement.

Bob Morrison

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