Welcoming low-income households
From: Joaniblank (Joaniblankaol.com)
Date: Mon, 15 May 95 21:19 CDT
Karen, I absolutely believe that there is a way to welcome low income folks
into cohousing. But the operant word here is "welcome" which is a far cry
from "recruit," The welcoming business is less expensive than recruitment,
but much more difficult, because it requires a great deal of individual
introspection, and acknowledgement of our intolerances and prejudices.
Although I expect that a number of people in each cohousing group  would be
willing to do that work on themselves and would believe it a worthwhile
endeavor, I don't think that is true of a majority of us. Some may find this
a sad commentary on the state of late twentieth century north american middle
class culture. Or may be disappointed that cohousing hasn't solved the
diversity dilemna for itself, never mind the rest of the world. But I think
that just by existing and being as welcoming as we can (both individually and
as groups), we are showing one way out of isolation and towards the elusive


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