Re: This week's Newsweek
Date: Tue, 16 May 95 11:20 CDT
> So, anybody have any contacts at Newsweek, to tell them more about cohousing
> in relation to the "bye-bye, suburban dream" article.
> This is a real opportunity to tout the benefits of coho and considering
> adapting existing suburbs to have community centers, be less automobile
> dominated, etc.  I'll check to see if Newsweek has an electronic presence on
> AOL or CIS.

 I have the issue right here in front of me.  Everyone should write 
letters to the editor (shouldn't at least one of them get in, in that 
case?).  Email address is NEW150A [at] (note: I can't tell if that 
is a zero or an O after the 5) or letters [at]  Slow mail goes 
to  Letters Editor, Newsweek
    251 West 57th Street, NY< NY 10019
Fax to (212)445-4120.

Susan Pintus, Cornerstone

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