Re:Colorado workshops
From: Strawnet (
Date: Wed, 17 May 95 03:17 CDT
If I may intervene for Tom Ponessa,
Mike Mariner wrote:
>I've heard about straw bale -- somebody in Boulder built a structure in his
>back yard.  
>Any seminars to be given in the Colorado area this summer?

Re Colorado strawbale workshops: check with Tom Luecke in Boulder.  He's
built a nice load-bearing straw bale studio in his back yard and has designed
and built numerous other straw bale structures in Colorado.  He does
workshops also. Contact him at StrawCrafters, 3785 Moorhead Ave., Boulder, CO
80303, phone # 303-499-1334.   

>Is it structurally strong enough to have multi levels, say 3 or 4, or are
>limited to one level?

Depends on design and construction method.  Load-bearing style, where the
bales do the structural work, is generally limited to one story.  Post and
beam could be any size - in theory - since the bales are just insulating
infill wall panels.  

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