Re: Re: Cost of land vs. lots
From: Harry Pasternak (
Date: Thu, 18 May 95 07:21 CDT
* I have read some comments about high costs  in this conference-- for
example that the costs for the shared community facilities were "too high";
therefore eliminated. That's strange--since the shared facilities is what
makes cohousing, cohousing; rather than some horrid suburban subdivision.
* One way to control the overall costs of the project is to buy "affordable
land" in 25  acre or bigger parcels of land. But in rural areas, waterfront
property is typically 700% (or more) expensive than non- waterfront property.
 * Once the affordable land is purchased, then good FRUGAL design and
construction kicks in. Cost cutters include: no roads--walkways instead,
cluster the homes and only one sewage line and water service--instead of
dozens,etc. etc.
Harry Pasternak
Thousand Islands Institute
The Independent Centre For Housing Research & Education
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