Re: Cost of land vs. lots
From: Sally S. Leach (
Date: Thu, 18 May 95 09:34 CDT
In message Wed, 17 May 95 11:14 CDT,
  Rob Sandelin <robsan [at]>  writes:

> Harry Pasternak wrote:
> * It makes sense to buy a bigger piece of land and keep to single family
> homes. By the way, the price of land drops drastically if the parcel is 25
> acres or more--typically, one lot will cost the same as 25 acres!
> This might be true, in the beginning.  Then you start adding up the
> "development costs"...

Three cheers for you Rob:  this is the kind of meaty and informational mail
that is a big help.  I would appreciate more detail, i.e. a checklist of all
the various costs you used in developing the data in your msg.  If this is
too long for this list, send direct to Sleach [at]  Again, many
kudos for an interesting note. Thomas Leach, Architect and Contractor.

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