Re: Multi-level cohousing
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Date: Thu, 18 May 95 16:48 CDT
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Harry Pasternak (Harry_Pasternak [at] writes:

   * All research shows that folks preferr single family detached
   first, then single family attached (row,cluster on crescent)
   second, other types follow [...]

I've always found side-by-side duplexes appealing. By sharing a wall
(and some infrastructure) you can get some energy and construction
cost savings with little loss of privacy or light.

   * Want cheap land in cities? Buy a crappy house on the biggest corner lot you
   can find (located where you want it)--knock down the house and do a zero lot
   line, in-fill cohousing neighborhood. Voila! Contact Claude Miquelle at
   Claude Miquelle and Associates in Boston if you want the "expert" on this

But check out the zoning first; certainly eastern Massachusetts is
chock full of towns that won't let you do this without a variance.

-- Jerry Callen
   jcallen [at]

   "The best lack conviction, given some time to think,
    and the worst are full of passion without mercy."  -- Joni Mitchell

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