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From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Fri, 19 May 95 17:14 CDT
One issue that was touched upon during the LDM thread was the idea that
creating homes that look alot the same, such as those usually created via the
Danish model, DON'T add anything to the feeling of community.  I have been
recently wondering about this.  

Members of clubs, teams, monastaries, etc intentionally choose certain
outward displays to advertise their bonding with each other.  These displays
take the form of shared dress,haircuts, behaviors, ritual, etc.  So maybe
everyone living in houses that look pretty much the same (like Nyland) would
create some sense of bonding?

What do you folks think that are living in fairly homogeously designed homes?
 Does the uniformity of home appearance in some way add to the sense of
belonging or community?

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