RE: More on LDM
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 22 May 95 10:44 CDT
Mac Thomson asked:
>What do you folks think that are living in fairly homogeously designed homes?
> Does the uniformity of home appearance in some way add to the sense of
>belonging or community?

This is an interesting question for us.  All the homes in Sharingwood 
are different, but all share a sort of N.W. Contemporary look and all 
the owners thus far have chosen to paint or stain their homes subtle 
earth tones rather than bright gaudy colors.

IMHO there is some psycological effect to this conceptual uniformity 
but I can not adequately describe it except in its absence.  For 
example, a white, tutor house would stand out so much, it would have a 
very unsettling feeling for me.  Our houses very greatly in shape, and 
size and layout, yet have a certain uniformity which somehow identifies 
the community in some sort of subtle way.  I have been to a housing 
development which was not a community where the houses varied wildly in 
style and design and found it personally to be very disharmonious.  
(This place was not a community).

Visitors, who offer a totally fresh perspective, have commented to me 
on tours on a dozen or so occaisions that they find our "architectural 
conformity" to be pleasing in that the   houses are not at all the 
same, but share a sort of theme in terms of color and overall look.

Rob Sandelin


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