Re: Re: Toronto Straw Bale Workshop
From: Tom Ponessa (
Date: Thu, 25 May 95 05:16 CDT
Re Mike Mariner's request about Colorado straw bale workshops.
I'm forwarding this reply.

In response to your question about Colorado workshops this summer, the answer
is yes!  Now, the details are a bit more fuzzy...

I work with Tom Luecke of StrawCrafters in Boulder, and we have just finished
up our spring session of workshops in the Boulder area.  We plan to take off
6 weeks to 2 months to finish up some ongoing projects and to plan workshop
sites and topics for our summer/fall schedule.  We have plans for one day
workshops on topics such as basic straw bale wall systems (our straw bale 101
workshop) along with one day workshops on plastering, pouring adobe floors,
etc. They will be held in the Boulder area, as well as other (southern)
Colorado locations.

If you, your friend, or anyone else out there is interested in being on our
mailing list in order to be alerted to upcoming workshops, you can write me
at NCHIS [at] AOL.COM or snail mail me at :

Nannette Chisholm
StrawCrafters Workshop Coordinator
3517 Highland Dr.
Ft. Collins, CO

Hope to see ya'll at a workshop!  They definitely fill up quickly, are packed
with great info., and have been lots of fun to date.


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