Re: U.S. News - Zoning law, water usage
From: Peter Starr (
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 19:51 CDT
Mike M wrote:

>No flames about stewardship please!  But if people used composting toilets,
>recycled grey water into gardens and had no bluegrass lawns, an extended
>family could/would use less water than a typical family that doesn't conserve

Keep talking Mike, I like to hear that kind of thing.  I had no idea that 
such topics were verboten in this discussion and invited flames.  I always 
assumed that cohousing was motivated by a desire for community.  Isn't the 
rest of the earth part of our community?

Aren't the diversions, toys, and waste of the American dream precisely why 
people don't need community.  You'll never get lonely shopping at the mall.


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