RE: State ordinances outlawing intelligent things
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 14:33 CDT
Washington state created a nice, and useful loophole around local 
zoning issues by allowing for "experimental projects".  There are a 
number of these around the state, and if you want to use gray water for 
your garden, and do it legally, you can apply for experimental project 
status. I must confess that in my experience around these parts, NOBODY 
does this stuff legally, nor cares.  The number of illegal group houses 
in Seattle city limits in 1994 was estimated at 7,000.  The number of 
prosecuted group houses in 1994?  2.  Both from complaints.

Once you achieve 'experimental" status, you can sweep through the 
county variances.  It does entail some paperwork, and some time,  but I 
talked with some folks who are doing some off the grid work (which is 
illegal also - got to have electricity to get a residential permit.  
Indoor plumbing too....) and they found that it wasn't that hard, took 
6 months for approval, and they could waive their state papers at the 
County and the County rolled over.  I understand that the state got 45 
requests for experimental status in 1994 and approved 23 of em.

I understand that other states in the West have similar provisions for 
experimental projects.  Might be useful to inquire around your state.

Rob Sandelin
Who plants his garden on his drainfield
And thus eats sh__ for dinner every night.

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