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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 22:26 CDT
Bob Middelmann gave this interesting reply to my email address - I thought
many of the cohousing folks would find it interesting.

I'm using AOL's forward feature -- 'twill be interesting what format this
intro. note is in relating to Bob's forwarded email.


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Thanks for the welcome Mike.

Marina Housing Coop resembles cohousing inthat each unit (dwelling)
has all the features of a typical home except laundry facilities which area
located within a common area. 

Speaking of common areas, all property inside or out; other than
assigned storage lockers and parking stalls are considered common
area. Specifically we have a large outdoor common courtyard complete
with a fountain, a children's play area with secure access for Members
only. The laundry facility is on the 7th floor beside our common lounge
where we hold most of our committee meetings and also hold events
such as parties, this area is also used as a mini library which all
Members contribute books and games etc, to.

Personally I contribute the majority of my time to the Fire Safety &
Security Committee being that in the past this committee had been
neglected badly. All Members are required to clean assigned areas
(walkways) normally in the area of your unit on a monthly basis, the
rotation amongst the units causes these ares to be cleaned weekly.
Members are also requested from time to time to assist Committees,
Landscape, Maintenance, Membership, Finance for spring cleanup, major
repairs etc. Members are encouraged to participate in a Committee. The
Board of Directors are presently looking at drafting and presenting to the
Membership a mandatory participation policy due to the lack of
participation on Committees.

Although most housing cooperatives are managed by their Members,
they must seek approval for cooperative status through the Canada
Mortgage and Housing Corporation which also oversees their operations
and must give approval for any major structural or financial changes to
ensure the well being of the project is maintained. All Members must
purchase shares in the project based on the square feet of the unit
aswell they must pay a monthly housing charge which reflects
approximately 20% to 30% less than present market value (rent) if you
are paying a full housing charge. CMHC requires a prescribed amount of
units to be handicap friendly and low cost housing providing subsidies to
these units. All Members are considered owners and are responsible to
each other for the well being of the Coop.

Perhaps it will take an earthquake to bring the condo owners and
ourselves together! I am being far too cynical.  We are actually
communicating (positively) lately due to problems we are experiencing
with the plumbing system we share.

Anyways I hope this info helps, thanks for the note.


(Insert all disclaimers you have heard and read, here.)

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