Re: New York Times
From: Peter Starr (
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 08:52 CDT
>I've tried to find out the date of, or get a copy of, the article on cohousing
>that appeared in the New York Times, probably 3-4 ago.   Didn't see any 
reference to it in the coho-l archives.  Information can be sent to me 
privately or on the list.

Hi Mitch,

This might be what you need.  One article appeared in the Home section of 
the Thursday, Sept. 27, 1990 issue of the NYT.  It was titled "A Communal 
Type of Life And Dinner's for Everyone."  Another article appeared in the 
Thursday, Feb. 25, 1993 issue titled "Where Condos Meet Communes: Housing 
With Togetherness Built In".  I'm not sure what section that appeared in.

Have fun!

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