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From: Buzz Burrell (
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 23:19 CDT
I've been waiting for the List manager to just decide what to do about this and
tell us, but that does not appear to be forthcoming.  It seems we "reached
consensus" that we wanted bio's, but not how to do them.  Since we want them,
keep talking about it, and some people are doing it, I'll just go ahead ... and
encourage everyone else to do the same.  I'm interested in finding a bit more
about whom I've been communicating with.

Name:   Buzz Burrell
Birthdate:      10/31/51
E-Mail: 72253.2101 [at]
Home Address:   4439 Driftwood Pl, Boulder, CO 80301
Community (if any):     Geneva
Location:       5 miles N of Lyons, CO (25 miles N of Boulder)
Stage of Development:   Option on 176 acres, taking our time figuring out what 
do with it.
What I do for money:  Property development and investment
What I do for fun:      Run, ski, bike, climb, dance, volleyball (currently)
Favorite thing about community: I can't control the outcome
Worst thing about community:    I can't control the outcome
If I was in charge I would:     $5/gallon tax on gasoline

In case you want to use this same format, just **cut on the dotted line**, paste
it into your message, fill in, and post **************************************

Home Address:
Community (if any):
Stage of Development:
What I do for money:
What I do for fun:
Favorite thing about community:
Worst thing about community:
If I was in charge, I would:

***************cut and post****************

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