RE: Spiritually Sustainable Communities
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 14:52 CDT
Spirituality is one of those difficult and scary things for many people 
in my neighborhood to talk about.  It is clear, from where people spend 
their Sunday mornings that some folks are at least weekly in their 
spirituality.  Yet it is one of those things which I know the least 
about my some of my neighbors.

We have held several community celebrations and some folks routinely do 
not come.  It would be interesting to know why, but that question has 
never been asked.  Some folks feel very uncomfortable with spirituality 
stuff in general perhaps, others have expressed a concern about 
"non-traditional" spirituality such as solstice celebrations. It just 
taken for granted that if you want to come to a celebration you are 
welcome, and if you don't, that is your personal choice to make.

I would like someday in my neighborhood to get ideas for inclusivity, 
so that a solistice gathering could be done which would not be scary 
for someone.  I guess that goes into the "future discussions" file.

Rob Sandelin

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