Re: contradiction - cyberspace & real space
From: Mmariner (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 08:26 CDT
In my novel (set in 2050) I paint communities evolved to being "intensely"
cooperative and face to face - for celebration, work and spirit.  They use
the "Net"  to interact with folks in far away communities - to share
knowledge, get help solving problems (just like cohousing-l) and understand
each other.  Course the 2050 Net is more like StarTrek - not typing little
squiggles at each other - click, clickety-click.  So that cyberspace isn't
primarily a solo thing, most net screens are located in a common space, not
in the dark recesses of each dwelling.

So, even today the net can be a great resource, but being with your fellow
community mates should be higher priority most of the time.  And, most people
require some time to themselves -- you don't do *everything* in community -
at least not in a community where I could live happily.

Balance, balance, balance....

Mike M 
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