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From: vicky de monterey (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 08:28 CDT
> Name:         Vicky de Monterey       
> Birthdate:    11/11/59
> Marital status: not
> Family (children, pets, etc)  
                1 child, many pets, almost live-in partner (we live in 
                different countries, but we're together every weekend)
> Education (where, what):      
                Six colleges/universities east/west/midwest, Umpteen majors, 
                no degrees but much brainfood: Geology, theatre, public policy,
                design, UNIX/electronics, and _this_ year...
> E-Mail:       dryad [at]
> Home Address: will this be published? Not that I'm paranoid, but it doesn't 
                seem terribly brilliant to broadcast so much personal info. 
                I mean, only the government has _this_ much! I'll save this 
                for individuals I've met face-to -face.  
> Phone # (optional):  ditto
> Community (if any): None yet, just visiting and listening 
> Location:     Pacific Northwest, my adopted home
> Stage of Development:         the whirlpool-of-ideas stage
> What I do for money:          Install/implement/train MIS systems
> What I do for fun:            
                random eccentric field trips; kidstuff; voracious reader, 
> Favorite thing about community: 
                intentional extended family for support, growth, and sharing 
                of joy. I'm the youngest of five kids, missing my pack.
> Worst thing about community:  
                Meetings: I grew weary of these in the anti-nukes movement in 
                the '70s. There are more effective ways to communicate - why 
                so many face to face meetings? Gather for play!
> If I was in charge, I would:  
                Improve social support for active, involved parenting by both 
                genders, married or not. That's another goal I have for
                cohousing and intentional community.
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