Re: Re: Research Versus Personal Viewpoints
From: Harry Pasternak (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 08:46 CDT
 Stuart Staniford

c> > In almost every case I tell them that Jan Gehl and others have
c> > spent 30 years and more researching this whole field and to contact 
c> > Gehl for the scoop. But I never get the impression that any of
c> > these folk ever contact Gehl.
c> Harry:
c> I think that if I was in your position - I felt that I was  
c> repeatedly telling a large group of people something, and they  
c> always ignored me - I might start to ask what I could do to  
c> communicate my ideas more effectively so that the group would listen  
c> to me, rather than assuming that all of that large group of people  
c> was somehow bad or wrong.
Far from being ignored, many folks contact me directly by email for info and
offering collaboration. For example, here is part of a note that came in

"Unfotunately for me, I was not on-line when you posted research on Promoting
I would very much like to read what you might send.
My preference would be that you send it directly to me.  There is a lot of
redundant conversation between a few people who care a lot about an item on
this CoHousing List.
I have a keen and practical interest in understanding how community is
built--beyond providing a community center with community activities." 

So being ignored is not THE issue here (nor do I worry about being ignored
)--- the issue here is that unpaid volunteers wanting to initiate, plan, and
build homes/neighborhoods that promote the maximum potential for Social
get the most accurate info possible---there is simply a reluctance on the
part of a SMALL  group of people responding here---to go get the info---it
easier to pretend it doesn't exist if they don't contact Gehl and instead try
to "shoot the messanger"---but keep missing.

Harry Pasternak
Unpaid Volunteer For "Do It Yourselfers" Who Need Proven Information On
Designing and Building Affordable, Frugally Operationally,  Supportive
Neighborhoods With An Abundance of Social Networking Opportunities, who works
Thousand Islands Institute
The Independent Centre For Housing Research & Education
(Harry_Pasternak [at]

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