Re: Yawn, Pets (what yawn!)
From: Christina_Hilliard-LCH005 (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 09:06 CDT
Responding to Mark Ottenberg's commets on pets:
>Gee, I don't see what right there is for anyone to limit / restrict anyone
>else's pets.  [cut] ... why should you care ...  In the common house is an 
>arguable point [cut] but in a PRIVATE home???  -- Mark

==>> IMO, "in" is the *key* word there, Mark.  It's when the pets go
*outdoors* that they dig, poop, pee on trees, trample, bark, chase birds, jump
up, and do whatever else comes naturally. In Commonweal, we plan clustered
housing; so yards will be small, and/or adjacent.

I love animals, but have my doubts about how Commonweal will find a 
satisfactory pet guideline, when our time comes.  I love gardens,grass, birds,
trees, and quiet, too.  *Indoor* pets don't threaten these, but outdoor
dogs and cats do.  A friend uses an electronic collar on her dog.  This, to
me, is very considerate and it lets the dog run and play.  Yes, the dog got
*one* jolt; but immediately learned.  It's debatable, but I can live with that, 
if it means the person can own a dog. (Initial investment for "fence," too).
Christina Hilliard
Commonweal Cohousing
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