Re: Site path treatments - inovative
From: bdsullivan (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 20:21 CDT
>Hey Mike and gang
>>>It's so wet in Colorado this year and the slugs are so numerous, instead of
>>>using cement we shoveled in two parts gravel, mud & twigs  and one part slugs
>>>and then fired up the ol' cement mixer.  When the texture was just right, we
>>>poured it out on the path and had the kids ride their tricycles over it a few
>We tried this but must have used too many slugs.  We couldn't get the 
>tricycles out.  Fortunately we could just poured a little non-sudsing 
>ammonia on it and the whole thing dissolved

Hey what ever happened to good old beer? While you are pouring the cement
and getting hot and drinking beer..just put aside a few bowls of beer in
the corners of your gardens. The slugs go for it immediately and their last
moments are spent in a pleasant dizzy...not under the wheels of a tricycle
or in the fizzle of ammonia!!!!   
Brian D. Sullivan, Lecturer
Department of Architecture
Chinese University of Honk Kong
email  bdsullivan [at]

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