Re Little Variation in Building,Electrical, Plumbi
From: Harry Pasternak (
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 20:17 CDT
I really know what point you are trying to make---is it a "it can't be done"
(I have a few interesting stories on that topic, when I get time). 

Again, Building, Electrical, and Plumbing  Codes are pretty uniform across
Canada and the USA.
Yes, there are variations in bylaws and power and utility company regulations
; but, that has little to do with developing the "Volkswagen House". How
people deal with the inconsistancies of beaurocrats is another topic all
together---I am sure most folks can find out if you can bury the telephone
cable with the electrical service or not etc. etc.---all my graduates do
so---No big deal---but again that nothing to do with designing the
"Volkswagen House". 

The Asphalt Shingles (if used, although I doubt it, petroleum based and all
that) will be installed exactly like the Asphalt Manufacturers Assoc. want
them installed---no problems.  

Harry Pasternak
Unpaid Volunteer For "Do It Yourselfers" Who Need Proven Information On
Designing and Building Affordable, Frugally Operationally,  Supportive
Neighborhoods With An Abundance of Social Networking Opportunities, who works
Thousand Islands Institute
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