An opn letter to Harry
From: Joaniblank (
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 10:28 CDT

I don't want to take sides on the quarrel going on between you and  some
others on the cohousing mailing list (don't know enough to even if I wanted
to), but I am beginning to feel like you and your detractors are taking up
too much psychic space on the list. If I were a newcomer or a long-time
lurker, who wanted to raise a new issue or generate a variety of responses to
a specific question, I think I might be quite intimidated about jumping into
the fray. 

Could you (and those who wish to challenge you) consider taking your
conversation into the other room for a while; i.e. correspond directly with
one another for the next week or two? Then you can come back and give us all
a summary of your discussions. Like Buzz, I am interested in what you have to
say, It's just that there's so much of it these days, and then there are some
problems with the manner of your presentation, at least in the eyes of some
of us.. 

I'm posting a copy of this letter to the list so that others may read (and
perhaps heed) my suggestion. 

Joani Blank

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