Living Lightly
From: BPaiss (
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 12:01:26 -0500
Dear David,


You wrote " I read a lot of messages here and in the journal from groups in
formation that say they're looking for a "semi-rural" virgin site of 100
acres or so where they want "to live lightly on the land" by clustering their
couple dozen homes and doing all sorts of environmentally correct things as
far as construction methods go."

Building new homes on the fringe of a town or beyond is IMHO the antithisis
of living lightly on the land.  Here at Nyland we converted a 30 acre wheat
field into a clustered subdivision.  I love it here and yet, it is not a
model I want to promote.  I am part of the Nomad CoHousing group in Boulder
that is moving towards creating an 11 unit infill community on one acre.
(Sorry David it is as dense as the City will allow.)  I feel that this is the
direction I want to be headed.

And the dance goes on.....


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