Re: Communication: macro- & micro-skills.
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Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995 09:31:40 -0500
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Subject: Communication: macro- & micro-skills 

Christina and all: 

Christina, that was a refreshing, bright, and useful post.  Thanks.  

.. fellow withdrew from a cohousing group because he found so many 
people trying to undo/fix
dysfunctional pasts, by following a [Utopic?] community vision.

Unfortunate. You mean Utopian?  Or maybe the fellow felt ectopic!

> I too am very leery of that energy source...  I stick to things like:
   - Neighborhood safety, socializing, comforts, 
   - Plain 'n practical benefits like group snow-blower

In fact the whole Sufi dancing thread ...  is making me cringe, because 
I can practically hear the "prospects" un-subscribing in response.

And not just prospects will be taking a second look: I spelled out the i
issue how little consent is being sought of the congregation on October 15.
And the count for the word consent or consensus remains at 1, for all 
the pro-spirituality posts.  

When following up on a post, please cite only *key* words or phrases

>...  AND use indents.... and spacing to organize your remarks.  Do *you* read 
>the triple-screenful
paragraphs from start to finish??

> Enjoying this list, as ever,

Agreed, and agreed.  

--- Dave Crawford ---
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