Re: Consensus
From: Buzz & Denise (
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:01:02 -0500
I was going to reply at length to this, but then I read Rob's and he said almost
the exact same things I was going to.  I would only add:

1. Consensus Decision making works great.
2. It is NOT for everyone.

This seeming paradox is explained by addressing #2;  I think there are some
pre-requisites for using consensus.  First, the group must, must, must be united
by a common goal, vision statement, or written Mission Statement.  Without this,
there is no way to reach a consensus, because certainly there will be different
opinions.  Second, someone, preferably many people, should be formally trained
in the process.  Group communication is a skill.  For me, it has been of the
same level of difficulty as building your own house.

Why use 100% consensus?  

All for one, one for all.  I want that feeling in my community, to a certain
extent.  Intentional neighborhoods are great, but personally, I want something
more.  Consensus *requires* that I move to a higher level of introspection,
understanding, communication, and sharing.  If I'm not required to do it, then I
won't, being a natural born rugged individualist.  Since I want those things in
my life, this is a good mechanism to achieve them.

Strange logic?   I guess so, but a lot of things are strange.  Cohousing for
example;  contrary to some expectations, it takes more time, energy and
money...and yet we are still talking about it.  

Buzz Burrell
72252.2101 [at]
Paonia, CO

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