From: Scott Cowley (SCOWLEYalexandria.lib.utah.edu)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 12:48:32 -0500
I think that it is time to address several of the recently list-ed issues in a 
political way...
Because "Politics is every breath you breathe."

I think CoHousing is about meeting Human needs.
I think that one of the biggest Human needs is for community.
I think that our Community has been stolen from us by a system which is, in
practice, anti-Community.
I think that we are trying to win that Community back and build it in a modern 
You might also view CoHousing as another  attempt to beat them at their own 

    Although I know many fine people who practice noble acts under the banner of
Religion, I think that Religion has been one of the biggest tools of death and 
in Human history.
I think people should stop acting as apologists for that fact;  and just do 
their good deeds
because they want to.
Also pervasive in my experience is the observation that most of the people I 
know who 
claim to be "spiritual" have a much deeper set of personal problems to work 
about their relationships to themselves, their past, and other people.
We owe it to ourselves to create NEW celebrations based on our need for 

That cohousers are "Circling our wagons" is probably a very apt observation.  
that is nothing new in a country run by anti-community priorities.  We are not 
cowering in
a corner, though, and are anxious to share wisdom and experience with those who 
It is also important to observe that those living in the suburban neighborhoods 
now in place 
are a direct product of the capitalist "selection process", and if you think 
you are going 
to buck that in a general way, you are in for another long, lonely, and 
frustrating battle.
Although Nidar says that CoHousing is still viewed as alternative housing, it 
is the existence of
such "alternatives" which have so humanized his Danish culture.

The land grab:  You might look at the acquisition of land as beating them at 
their own game,
because there is a finite amount of it, and it's going fast.  If we don't get 
it, they will.
I think James Kalin has a fine idea:  using the property we get to grow food and
building materials.  That way we can continue to try to beat them at their own 
game... control of
our basic needs.

What does CoHousing offer ?  For me it is that you-me-we seem to have a
sense of the needs for a MODERN community:  non-paternal, cooperative, 
There also seems to be a vague sense of class struggle in there somewhere.
And finally, I think there is a real need for those on the political Left to 
make the effort to get 
working again on a hopeful general social Vision for our future.

I think that our conferences should always celebrate these great values.

        - Scott Cowley, Wasatch CoHousing, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, Terra 
Firma, Milky Way
                       ...philosophers throughout time have tried to interpret 
human history.
                       The point is to change it.  (K. M.)
  • politics Scott Cowley, October 24 1995
    • politics Scott Cowley, October 24 1995

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